Swing Hi /Swing Lo Breakout

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Swing High /Swing Low Breakout Signals and System

The Trend Indicators and Trailing stop are included in the SwHiLoBo TSS

For further information please read the Trend indicators and    Trailing Stop Users Guide.

trend and trail explain


Swing High /Swing Low Breakout Signals and System

It is a fundamental truth  that for  an up trend to commence or continue :

1) the previous swing high must be broken to the upside 

  and for a down trend to commence or continue:

2) the previous swing low must be broken to the downside.

The Swing High/Swing Low Breakout Trading Signals and System is designed to take advantage of this fundamental truth. 

The system produces 4 long and 4 short signals as depicted in the following 2 charts

SwHiLoBo trans up down up



SwHiLoBo trend explain

The SwingHiBo/SwingLo BO signals can be utilised in the simplest of all strategies, i.e.  Stop and Reverse (S&R)

This S&R strategy is shown below on a daily Euro futures chart from 1 January 2000 until 18 May 2015

a long trade is entered on a SwHiBo Up trend 2  signal.

The long position is closed on the appearance of a SwLoBo down trend 2 signal

 and a short position is simultaneously entered. This process is followed ad infinitum.

The results are shown in the summary beneath the chart.

SwHiLoBo S&R SwHiLoBo S&R summary

The same Stop and reverse strategy was  run on a basket of all 7 currency futures

using daily signals from 30 December 1999 to 18 May 2015.

The strategy basket run and performance reports are shown below .

These results indicate the SwHiBo and SwLoBo signals can be used as the basis for a  beautifully simple, effective and robust system.

SwHiLoBo opp sig basket currency futures SwHiLoBo opp sig basket summary



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