If you are a subscriber too, or a purchaser off, any of the TSS signals or systems. Please read the PDF describing the appropriate system . There you will find answers to many of the questions you may have regarding the systems. CLICK HERE

 The TSS Trading Signals appear on a chart in real time when specific criteria have been met.

They work in real time and do not re-paint.

You are therefore able to take trades in the present rather than waiting for a 3rd party to send you a delayed trading signal. 

Here are some answers to:

Frequently asked Questions

Q:How do I cancel my Free Trial subscription before money is taken from my account?

A: The free Trial period is for 7 days, however your account is not debited until 9 days after sign up (this allows 2 days for delivery of TSS software and  7 days for you to trial it). There are 2 ways you can cancel your free trial without payment, (please note this process must be completed a full 24 hours before expiry of the Free Trial (PayPal shall be the final arbiter as to whether this process was completed prior to the cut-off)) 

1) Access the  Paypal web-site directly or press the unsubscribe button on the TSS web-site. Either of these actions bring up a page which will prompt you to enter your account and password details.

2) Once logged on to your Paypal account, under Profile tab,  click on My Money.

3)The resulting page will have a section called My pre-approved payments, click on Update.

4)On the resulting page click on merchant and this should bring up a list of pre-arranged payments

5) Highlight the appropriate TSS pre-arranged payment and click cancel.

Q: What charting program is required to run The B&W System or the Predictor?

A: THE Black & White System and Predictor run on Genesis Trade Navigator platform Gold or Platinum versions. (The Platinum version is required to access the strategy testing and automated trading functions). To check your computer system requirements to run Genesis Trade Navigator Click Here

The code for the TSS systems is written in Tradesense, which is the Genesis proprietary language.

If you do not already use Trade Navigator, click on the link to obtain a 30 day free trial). Click here

If you are unfamiliar with the use of Trade Navigator, click on the link  to obtain a copy of the TN Quick Start Manual Click Here

Q: How long should I paper/demo trade before going live?

A: That is totally dependant on you. It is suggested you observe your chosen trading instrument on your preferred timeframe for several days to get a feel for how the B&W system works. Then you should practice trading with a simulated account until you feel confident with your entries and exits.

Q: How many monitors do I need?

A: As many as you feel comfortable with. The system can be used on a single laptop. Apply the kiss principle, keep it simple.

Q: Do I need to understand technical analysis to use the TSS systems?

A:  No but as with anything in life, if you comprehend the fundamentals of what you are doing it will heighten your awareness and understanding of what the signals are telling you.

The TSS indicator and signals are very good, not infallible but very good.

 Is very good, good enough to be profitable? I will let you be the judge of that, just look at the strategy runs on the website or under the tab recent chart signals. Click Here

I think you will agree the signals occur shortly after turning points thereby giving high probabilities of successful trades and consequently potential gains could be impressive

Q: Can a Beginner use The TSS Systems?

A: Yes, however, when trading financial instruments there are risks involved which can lead to losing money. It is therefore very important to obtain a good understanding of risk management, money management and trade exit strategies BEFORE trading real money.There are many free resources on the internet (sourced by a simple Google, Bing, Yahoo e.t.c search), which can assist in developing this understanding.

Q: Will these rules work in all markets and all time frames?

A: The Predictor: Yes.

A: The B&W system: Yes for all Price signals

A: For B&W signals that incorporate Volume: Note for those signals and indicators that include intra-day volume in their calculations, to be displayed correctly requires real-time intra-day volume data from a recognised central exchange. (Forex therefore does not comply, however, currency futures do comply). The Volume signals or panes will not be displayed on any time based charts of daily or higher time-frames. If you wish to utilise the B&W volume studies on a daily chart, you will have to “fool”  the software by selecting a chart time-frame of 1440 minutes (= 24 hours) and select chart settings- Dates axis – max intra-day data to considerably more than 3 days

Q: How many trades per day will the B&W System produce?

A: It varies and is dependant on what timeframe and what instrument you are trading.

For example

If you were trading Gold intraday using 8 tick range bars you may get 20 to 40 signals per day. If you were trading Gold intraday using 30 minute bars you may get 4 to 8 signals per day.

If you were trading the Euro intraday using 8 tick range bars you may get 5-15 signals per day.

If you were trading the Euro using daily bars you may get 1 signal every 7 -10 days.

The volatility and timeframe/bar type of the market you are trading will determine the number of signals produced.

Q: What type of market works best with the B&W system or the Predictor?

A: You can trade the B&W system or the Predictor in all market conditions.

Q: Do you provide a Guarantee?

A:  No. Trading is a risky business and you need to understand there are no guarantees and that success is up to you. 

Q: Is trading The B&W or Predictor system a valid approach to trading?

A: We feel sure that it is. Most professional traders will trade utilising a system of some sort. A system can be any strategy ranging from simple entry and exit criteria, money management rules, the use of stop losses to protect positions or lock in profits, to the more complex use of technical indicators and mathematical algorithms. A system provides a logical, consistent approach to trading. A trading system is usually most effective when implemented consistently. Consistency is a problem frequently encountered by individual traders. However a disciplined approach to systems trading should help to improve consistency and remove the emotional and psychological hurdles that traders often encounter whilst trading discretionally.

Q: The B&W System: Why do the Volume Trend, Strength and smart money data not appear on my charts?

A: For this information to be displayed you require a real time data feed of exchange derived data that includes intra-day volume. At present that is available for Futures and Stocks. Forex does not have exchange derived intra-day volume therefore the volume aspect of the B&W system will not be operational on Forex pairs (It works fine on Currency futures). However, the Price action/trend/momentum and momentum divergence aspects of the B&W still function perfectly on Forex pairs.

Q: The B&W System: I have a real time data feed with intra-day volume. The Volume Trend, Strength and smart money data appears normal on my charts until I select a Daily or higher timeframe at which point the volume studies disappear, Why?

A: The Volume studies are analysing intra-day volume data. This data is not usable on Daily or higher timeframes. However, if you wish to analyse intra-day volume on a “Daily” chart select the chart timeframe to 1440 minutes. 1440 minutes = 24 hours.

Note you will need to adjust your chart setting dates axis to increase the max days for intra-day data

Q: The B&W System: When I increase my chart timeframe to 60 minutes or greater some of my signals e.g. B&W all black sell/all white buy disappear, Why?

A: When trading intra-day charts on (TN) it is normal to have the max days for intra-day data set at 2 or 3 days. When you increase the timeframe to 30 minutes and above you will need to increase the max days for intra-day data in your chart settings window so the algorithms have sufficient number of bars to complete their calculations


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